22 March, 2017

Who We Are

Today is my birthday. I say that, not to receive more birthday love, but for perspective. Our birthday, and the love we receive on that day, are important to our stories. I like to think of my birthday as a day to spend time thinking about who I am, the space I've created for myself in the world, the support of others that has helped me carve out my own sculpture in the land and time I've been given.

Who am I? What do I do? What's my siren song? It's good to look back 365 days, one voyage of the earth around the sun, and see where I was. I won't give you my sob story; you've heard it all before. But I've been set adrift in a way, and I realize that isn't a bad thing. I've been "let go" by the bike, and that's fine. My peace has been spoken on that, but Chris Riordan says it all very well in his piece on Cycling Tips. My situation has forced me to explore further into the wilds of my heart and soul as I gently rebuild my relationship with cycling.

I wish we could hang onto the love-filled-ness of our birthdays, and let it fuel us on the day we simply need more from life. Bottle up those kind words, and play them back as our siren song, the thing that guides us through our dark moments to remind us our glasses are so, so full, and that wherever we wander, it always calls us back, simply, to ourselves. Because who we are, who we will become, is all that matters. Who we are, and who we have the potential to become, that's enough. Be bold, be awesome, be you. Let love be your guiding light and siren song as you carve out your story in relief.

And thanks for your support, and all of your birthday wishes!